Moodle Rollover & Archiving complete

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The scheduled Moodle rollover and archiving is complete.

  • Staff can now access and edit their refreshed 15/16 courses at
  • Students will be enrolled upon their 15/16 courses at when Banner records are updated.
  • Students will then be able to access their 15/16 courses at when staff make them available.
  • Staff and students can now access their 14/15 courses at  This is where any submissions, resubmissions, and resits relating to 14/15 should be carried out.
  • 13/14 courses are now archived offline, and can be restored on (staff) request.
Course owners/editors should:
  • Edit existing content
    • Reset start and finish dates for assignments and quizzes
    • Create new Turnitin assignments (Administration Teams usually perform this task)
    • Add introductory messages to discussion fora
  • Add new content and activities
  • Make courses available to students
Support materials for editing Moodle courses can be found in Moodle at

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